Scientific Writing and Software

Students should have a look at my recommendations for books and websites for scientific writing, LaTeX and R! (Scientific Writing and Software)

Political Science Research Techniques

The course addresses students in their first term. It aims at conveying the ability to formulate a scientific puzzle and a research question and finally answering them in a structured way. The course focuses on the development of scientific argumentation. Furthermore, students will learn how to research and work with literature, to cite sources, to formulate theses and to present their results. Most of the examples are drawn from the field of International Relations. (Syllabus)

International Relations — Enhanced Level

Democracies, War and the US Presidential System

This seminar aims at finding answers to the relationship between peace, war and democracy by reviewing the academic literature. Students will have to review the state of the literature and present their findings in group presentations and in a written literature review. Hence, students will get to know the state of the art of this research field and learn how to categorize and present academic literature. (Syllabus)

Academic Writing and Presentation II

The course covers all stages of academic writing – from drafting and revising to the professional presentation of research questions and arguments. In addition to an in-depth discussion of the constitutive elements of academic texts (introduction, research questions, arguments, literature-review, etc.), the course also covers the formal and stylistics requirements of different text-types such as journal articles or grant proposals. (Syllabus)

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