Same same but different

Every now and then, it is time for a change.

After an all too short summer, spending my time on three papers and asking myself, what relevance political science and especially my research really has, I decided to start something new. Political science is not just about writing weird and complex stuff (we call this stuff scientific papers). It is also about giving something back to society. Because it is society that pays our salaries and that gives us the freedom to do/research what ever we want.

Hence, I decided to restructure and redesign my website. My website, from now on, should not only be of interest for colleagues, searching for new publications or projects. It should also become a point of attraction for my students and the interested public who wants to get to know more about the topics of international relations, US foreign policy, data science, and scientific writing.

So consequently, I built a new website from scratch, using Ghost, a free and open source blogging platform. I chose a clean and reduced design and I am grateful to Trần Trọng Quang and his support and patience with all my javaScript- and CSS-related questions.

From now on, I seek to publish stories on a weekly basis that

  • explain contemporary political events against the backdrop of political science research,
  • introduce into the basics of data science and show real time examples,
  • summarize my most recent publications and research projects in a short and comprehensible way.

Because my target audience is mainly a German-speaking one, I will publish these stories (in contrast to the content of the static sites) in German.

I am looking forward to your feedback and maybe also to an inspiring discussion about my stories on Twitter.

Franz Eder